AbbVie virtual vitality program during COVID-19 home office period

Also during this challenging time, we will help you to get fit and vital from a distance.

In the coming period we will provide you with videos and other materials you can work with at home. Try to find a fixed moment of the day where you can make time for yourself to do the exercises! If you live with a partner or your family, encourage them to participate in the exercises.

Click on one of the following activities for online videos or audio files.


BuddyFit (Marvin, Clark and Tessa) has gone online to provide you with a fun and challenging workout that everyone can do from their own home. No materials needed, just a timer.

Yin Yang Yoga

INTU YOGA (Leen and Eline) have made a dynamic yin yang yoga class for you to practise at home. You only need a yoga mat or steady carpet.

Box training sessions

JR Workouts (Joost Ravesloot) is challenging you to test your limits at home with some high intensity boxtrainings. These workouts can be done with or without the use of objects that you find around your house. Do you accept this challenge?


To help you relax your tight shoulders from sitting behind you laptop, we will make short instruction videos on how to massage your partner or yourself. The first video will be made available on April 6th.


In the current time of uncertainty, many of us are more prone to feel stressed. Work continues as we have to stay home and do our jobs, bringing along other challenges like homeschooling our children at the same time. Last year 16 Abbvie employees took part in the Mindfulness training at the Abbvie office. Now is the time to put what we have learned into practice, trying to keep our head cool and stay centered. As a reminder, we share with you the body scan and a 15 minute meditation that you can easily practise from home at any time, also if you have not participated in the Mindfulness classes yet.

Meditation Introduction

With the many demands we have in our lives (family, community, work, etc.) we get pulled in many different directions during the day and can feel fatigued.In order to be able to perform effectively, consciously and consistently, we need to refuel. This mindfulness meditation, which consists of 9 minutes, was specifically designed to reconnect us with our inner source of power, recharge our battery and reset our nervous system.


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