AbbVie virtual vitality program; Mindfulness

We share with you the body scan and a 15 minute meditation that you can easily practise from home at any time, also if you have not participated in the Mindfulness classes yet.

The body scan and meditation are great tools to be more present

We all have different (and often automatic) coping mechanisms to deal with stress. Many of us have a natural tendency to regain control of the situation through doing something, solving something or interpreting the situation and over analyzing it. The result is that we ignore our bodies and rely completely on our minds. We don’t take time to stand still.Taking a moment to be with the physical sensations of our body and breath can be very helpful in moments where we feel stressed or overwhelmed. It creates awareness and mental clarity after which the right action often arises by itself. The body scan and meditation will help you to befriend your body and learn how to listen to it.


Audio file; Mindfulness body scan


Audio file; Meditation exercise





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