AbbVie virtual vitality program; Bootcamp

BuddyFit (Marvin, Clark and Tessa) has gone online to provide you with a fun and challenging workout that everyone can do from their own home, no materials needed, just a timer.

You can complete the entire workout in one session and challenge yourself to improve your performance in the same workout in the coming weeks. Its also possible to divide the workout and complete parts of it on separate occasions. We leave it entirely up to you 🙂

In the video all the workout parts are explained, but we also have written instructions in the video and in the description below the video.

Hope you enjoy this workout. Stay healthy, stay strong! Marvin, Clark and Tessa.

Music Challenge

What’s the challenge? It’s a music challenge, on the song titled In my arms by Ferreck Dawn, Robosonic & Nikki Ambers. During the whole song you will do a Plank-step, every time you here ‘In my arms‘ you will do a Low Tug Jump. Watch the video linked below and do the challenge with me:) Good luck!!

The music you can find on: 

The toilet roll challenge

Time for a new BuddyFit Weekly Challenge! Get 4 toilet rolls and stack them up. Then, get in a high plank and break the tower down and build it back up again. Try to build as many towers as you can! I got to 12, so show me who’s boss 😉


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