AbbVie virtual vitality program; Yin Yang Yoga

INTU YOGA (Leen and Eline) have made a series of dynamic yin yang yoga classes for you to practise at home. You only need a yoga mat or steady carpet. Make sure you have enough support with your feet on the floor, when you are not wearing socks. Have some pillows and a blanket nearby to keep yourself warm.

Yin Yang class to reset your body

In this class we start with strengthening our back and core muscles to improve our posture. Halfway through we slow down and move towards a soft yin flow to release tension in the neck, spine and hips. This is a complete workout to reset your body, open up the energy channels through fascia release, ending in deep relaxation.


We hope you enjoy this class! With love, Leen and Eline

Yin Yang detox

In this class we work on the meridian lines of the most important organs that detoxify our body. We start with a breathing technique that purifies the air in the lungs and improves our lung capacity. Prepare yourself for an invigorating class that ends in deep relaxation. You only need a yoga mat and some pillows for support during the yin part of the class.

Enjoy! With love, Leen & Eline

Yin Yang Yoga – Ashtanga style

In this class we start with the standing poses from the primary series of Ashtanga yoga, like we practised in the Yoga for men course. The seated positions will be more of a yin quality, releasing our muscles and opening the body for deep fascia and tension release. You will need a stack of books, a soft pillow and steady wall for the yin part of the class.

Enjoy! Leen & Niels

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