Mindful Cycling

Mindful Cycling lets you get acquainted with the various facets of cycling and teaches you to listen to your own body. You will be aware of your own cycling posture, your attention when cycling and the power and energy in your body. By cycling more in the ‘ here and now ‘. With a calm breathing you make your head empty and enjoy the moment.  We apply special techniques to get the maximum return from your breathing. Many athletes are breathing incorrectly, so you consume far too much energy. Within Mindful Cycling we use the nose breathing. The slower and the less your breath in, the more oxygen and the less lactic acid you will have in your body, the lower your heart rate will be. Breathing through the nose is a lot healthier than breathing by mouth – even when cycling.  Cycling has positive effects on almost all organ systems in the body. Besides regular exercising helps to prevent a wide range of health problems and diseases and can reduce existing symptoms. However, many people are setting too many performance targets. Mindful Cycling teaches you how to fully enjoy cycling and the surroundings with proper breathing.


Special to this workshop are the various breathing techniques. By means of a good breathing it is possible to deal more efficiently with your energy. We will apply the techniques during a beautiful tour. The duration of this tour will depend on the level of the group. During the ride, various mindfulness, yoga and breathing exercises are discussed. It is not about speed or distance during this trip. The intention is that everyone can participate.


  • 1 workshop “City Bike” (October 14)
  • 1 workshop “Racing Bike” (October 7)
  • maximum number of participants: 15
  • Monday’s
  • 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM
  • Wear comfortable clothes


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Your trainer

Marieke van Altena is Manager Mindful Cycling Nederland and trainer/coach. For many years she is an entrepreneur of eight clothing shops and besides her family, cycling is her passion.

“Cycling is my biggest passion. The simplicity of putting your bike shoes on and just go. this also means that everyone can do it at any level. As it makes you let go of your daily worries. The passion for exercising and improving yourself on a mental and physical level even with small steps, is something which fascinates me enormously.

I got hit by the “cycling” virus when I submitted for the ‘Alpe d’Huez’ a few years ago. As I never had ridden a professional bike before, I now had to ride up the mountain for at least six times. Setting a goal and achieving it was a fantastic experience which gave me such a rush. Whether it is a week of cycling in the mountains or just a local one-day ride, the size of the movement is not important. Fresh air and exercising are what makes you feel so good!

During the Mindful Cycling Clinic, we’re going to build a bridge together between your head, your breathing and cycling! Are you in?”


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Join the Mindful Cycling training and activate your Vitality!