Bootcamp for beginners

Boost your energy in a fun and active way! Join the Bootcamp for beginners. During the Bootcamp you and your colleagues will work on your fitness in a challenging and fun way. Haven’t played sports in a while? Then take up the challenge and start this Bootcamp.


This Bootcamp is designed for people who have never done a Bootcamp before or people who have not done a Bootcamp in a long time. We exercise in the open air, even when the weather is not so good. Together with your colleagues you will do various active exercises to build up both muscle strength and fitness. The exercises are done in groups, in pairs, or alone. During the training we use tools like kettlebells and ropes. You also do exercises with just the use of your body weight.


  • 12 sessions of each 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Mondays
  • Starting March 2nd
  • 4:15 PM – 5:30 PM
  • The classes will be outdoors in the open air. We gather in front of the building.
  • Please wear sport shoes and clothing


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Your Trainers

Tessa Kauw is an energetic and motivated trainer at BuddyFit. Ever since Tessa was a young girl she was highly intrigued by sports. Starting of her sports career in martial arts and fitness, she was later introduced to yoga on a trip visiting a Buddhist monastery. As a bootcamp trainer at BuddyFit Tessa strives to incorporate her wide experience in sports in her workouts. Providing you with a workout that trains the mind as well as the body.”

Marvin Brandon (33) is a highly enthusiastic and energetic trainer and owner/trainer at BuddyFit. He has a lot of experience in both fitness and martial arts. He will help you to push your boundaries in fun and creative workouts. Marvin will be your trainer on September 2nd.

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Join the Bootcamp and activate your Vitality!