Balancing Yoga practice

Yin Yang Yoga is working both on muscular and deep tissue release. While breathing consciously during active and passive postures we balance our nerve system and recharge. The effect of yoga is that you become aware of your body, your way of thinking and how those two interrelate. By observing yourself during both active and passive poses you come to understand yourself which will help you to take charge of your vitality.


The program consists of weekly online classes of thirty minutes. During the weekly classes you will be taught and guided how to do the exercises in a helpful manner. After this program you are able to have a basic self-practice which will help you to maintain the benefits of Yin Yang Yoga.

Live streaming

The lessons can be followed from home via a livestream connection (MS Teams).


  • 15 classes of 30 minutes
  • Maximum number of participants online: unlimited
  • Mondays from 11.30 AM – 12.00 PM
  • First class: September 5
  • Last class: December 12
  • Please wear loose fit or sport clothes!
  • Location: at home


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Your trainer

Leen Kanis is an experienced yoga and mindfulness teacher and trainer/coach. Starting her career in business administration at ABN AMRO, she is passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation to corporate offices. Her aim is to help you thrive in what you do, become more resilient to stress and coaching you to a more balanced office lifestyle.

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Join the Yin Yang Yoga classes and activate your Vitality!