Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment, focusing your awareness in the here-and-now. While it might seem impossible to be mindful at work due to busy agenda’s, phone calls, deadlines, meetings, etc it is exactly what will help us through a busy day. Mindfulness training helps us to stay more focused and to respond to stress triggers more adaptively. It has proven to be a reliable method for reducing stress, enhancing our well-being and performance. Furthermore, employees using mindfulness skills are more likely to have positive relationships with co-workers and find joy in what they do.


In 8 weeks you build up your mindfulness practice with exercises that you can easily practice at work. Each week will focus on a different theme with different exercises. You become more aware of your body, your way of thinking, emotions, behavioral patterns and how all those interrelate. To participate in this training, we ask your dedication to attend for the full 8 week program. This requires some discipline. Your investment will be returned by an improved focus, health, productivity and creativity.


  • 8 weeks, sessions of 1,5 hour
  • maximum number of participants: 12
  • Weekly on Tuesdays from ; starting February 11
  • 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Wear comfortable clothes


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 Your Trainer

Leen Kanis (31) is an experienced yoga and mindfulness teacher and trainer/coach. She is owner of yoga studio INTU YOGA in Epe, that she runs together with her partner Niels. Starting her career in business administration at ABN AMRO, she is passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation to corporate offices. Her aim is to help you thrive in what you do, become more resilient to stress and coaching you to a more balanced office lifestyle.

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Join the Mindfulness training and activate your Vitality!