Our Mental Processes

Our thoughts largely determine how we feel. Both mentally and physically. Positive thoughts make us feel good. Negative thoughts and too many thoughts can make us gloomy or restless. Fortunately, thoughts can be directed. They are not something that happens to us, but a product of our brain. And that brain can be directed. However, that is something you have to learn and practice!


The training consists of three sessions of each 2.5 hours in which you learn to get control over your own thoughts. Because what you think determines how you feel! You learn how thinking affects your actions and your physiological processes. How you can change your own thoughts and how you go from negative to positive thoughts. You will also learn how to change too many thoughts into attention and rest. Because sleep is indispensable for a positively functioning brain, we also pay attention to being able to sleep well and how you do that.

To participate in this training, we ask your dedication to attend for all three sessions. This requires some discipline. Your investment will be returned by more peace of mind and more energy!


  • 3 sessions of each 2,5 hours.
  • Monday June 3, Monday June 17 and Monday June 24
  • 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Location: Regge-Dinkel room, 5th floor


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Your Trainer

Yolanda de Jager is an experienced tai chi teacher and a certified trainer in the area of vitality and resilience. She owns her own tai chi school in Arnhem. As a trainer she has many years of experience in providing customized training sessions in corporate life and training coaches and therapists. In her former career she was a sustainable energy consultant, so energy is a main theme in her life. With tai chi, a martial art, as a source, Yolanda aims to give you the tools to stand firm and relaxed in the face of modern opponents like stress, fatigue and over stimulation. She combines old wisdom and modern research, individual experience and general scientific insights to achieve this goal.

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Join the Mental Fitness Training and activate your Vitality!