Easy and fun way to exercise

Lunch walking shows that working on your health and vitality can be very easy. You don’t need anything, just a pair of shoes that walk well. By walking under supervision and in a group you are stimulated not to stay on your chair, but to get moving!

While walking we do exercises to loosen the muscles and joints. We pay extra attention to our posture and some of our overloaded muscles and joints. After a nice, hearty walk, we end with a cooling down and a quiet stretching of the muscles. Before the lunch walk you can have lunch in the restaurant. Or bring your own healthy lunch that can easily be eaten during the walk.


The program consists of three active walks of one hour. You can join one walk or all of them!


  • 3 walks of one hour each
  • Maximum number of participants per walk: 20
  • Thursdays June 6, June 20 and June 27
  • 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
  • Please wear comfortable shoes


Join the Active Lunch Walks and activate your Vitality! Register here!


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Join the Active Lunch Walks and activate your Vitality!